Great food, wine and beer are our focus. Hospitality is our passion.

A Premier American restaurant located in the heart of Purcellville, Virginia. Come Visit Magnolias. Come Feel the Passion. FREE parking is available. Our patio is dog friendly!


Our menus are updated nearly every day. Click below to see whats on the menu.


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We offer various specials throughout the year. Click the button below to learn more about the current specials.

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Upcoming Events

June 17, 201810:00 am


Action Stations:

Carved Coal Roasted Steamships, 7 Hills Farm, Border Springs Farm, Leide’s Pork Volcano

Local Egg Omelet Station- Paxson Creek, Shiloh Farm


Walters Greens Salad, Iceberg Wedge Salad

Southern Potato Salad

Spicy Shrimp and Surimi Salad

Local BBQ Mangalitsa and Huckleberry Rillette, Charred House Bread

Deviled Local Eggs

Fresh Fruit Salad

Cheeses from Home and Abroad, Jams, Pickles, Crackers

House Made and Imported Charcuterie and Sausages, Toasted Breads, Mustards

House Mozzarella and Tomatoes, Basil Pesto, Pine Nuts

Pepper Cured Bacon &...

June 21, 20187:00 pm

Tonight we return to the great outdoors (our covered patio) for a very special meal, all prepared outdoors Gaucho style! Enjoy an evening of fabulous wines and lots and lots of meat!


Garlic Charred Langouste, Salt Cod - Scallop Mornay, Spicy Tarragon Chimichurri
Catena Tupungato Chard

Confit of Spring ...